ISSUE #26 - August 17th, 2018
Get Those Questions In Line
Top 5 Questions
I Ask Before Working With Any Client
How To Be Everywhere...
In Depth Analysis Of My Social Media Strategy
This Week In Marketing...
By Stephen Ierardi - ThriveTracker Director of Sales
Get Those Questions In Line
Hey hey hey! Welcome to another edition of The Power Of Marketing!

On this issue, I wanted to talk about the most common questions I ask, whenever I get to talk to a potential new client, and what’s the logic behind these questions.

I am doing this because at some point in my career I decided I wanted to only work with top notch clients that:

- Would pay me handsomely.
- Would be amazing to work with.
- Would be on the same page with me as to what’s important to grow their businesses.
- Would have an abundance mentality.
- Would know about the power of advertising to grow their businesses.

And also that they:

- Would not be a PITA, calling me at any time.
- Would not be penny pinchers.
- Would not be micromanaging my work.
- Would not be jackasses.

Once I made the decision to work towards these type of clients, everything changed.
Because I reject 95% of the projects and potential clients that want to work with me right now.

And boy, that’s a relief!

In Semantic Mastery, we call it #POFU.

What it basically means is that you’ve developed your portfolio and your pipeline enough so that you can tell "FU" to anyone that doesn’t fit in what you deem worthy.

Not in a bad way, though.

Some people are in one position, and some people are in other position. And there’s more than enough to go around for all of us.

But it’s important that you decide what type of clients you want to have in order to prepare for these questions properly.

And don’t forget that this is a two-way conversation. Not only the client is deciding if you’re a good fit for them, but you need to decide if the client is a good fit for you!
#POFU, remember?

So let’s dive right into them:

“Why Do You Want To Hire An Agency/Professional To Do This?”

The answer to this question will tell me if they’re already sold on the idea that a professional will help them growing their business or if they’re just shopping around.

This is important because you want them to tell you why they can’t do it on their own.

Your job is not to change the prospect’s mind or to convince them that your service will help them, but rather to reinforce what they already believe.

“What Kind Of Results Have You Had With Consultants In The Past?”

This is important. I don’t want to work with anyone that has been burned badly in the past

I know this is a lot to ask, because most people have hired some sort of “marketing help” in the past, but some of them had actually had a great experience! 

It’s a PITA when people are bringing their emotional baggage to a professional relationship. And this will be reflected in everything you do. So it’s better to say “NEXT”.

“What Are You Trying To Achieve? What Is Your Bottom Line?”

This is also important, even further when you’re going after some sort of revenue share agreement. I always talk about numbers in the first call. I don’t care if that sounds rude or something… 

I want to know what I’m getting myself into!

Some people will have 3 calls before they get down to talk about numbers. I’d rather not waste anyone’s time if I can avoid it. That’s why I also lead with prices.

My prices are stated in my consulting form and also in the emails I sent before I even get to talk to anyone.

“If We Were Having A Conversation 1 Year From Now, What Would Need To Happen In Order For You To Consider This A Huge Success?”

On this specific question, I’m asking them to tell me what they really expect. Not the “on paper” expectations, but rather what they really want to accomplish.

I do this for two main reasons:

Number one: To manage expectations.

If the potential client would consider an increase of 1000% in their revenue a success, then maybe I cannot provide it to him (or maybe I can!).

Number two: To work based on the client’s goals, not on mine.

This is important because you want to keep the client happy (assuming his goals align with yours!).

“What Does Your Team Look Like? Do You Need A Full Turn-Key Solution Or You’ll Need Me To Coach Someone In Your Team And You Implement?”

This is kind of getting into the nitty-gritty of the agreement, where I can come up with some implementation ideas and then they go ahead and do it (consulting), or I can actually take my team for a ride and we do the stuff for the client.

Depending on their answer, I’ll quote them accordingly. But for the most part, they already know what I charge before going to the call (again, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time). 

What Kind Of Conversations Are You Having?

As you can see from the questions above, I never talk about metrics, PPC, backlinks, number of emails, tools and all of that crap.
Good clients don’t care about what you’re going to do, as long as it’s ethical and you bring home the bacon.

If a client starts asking questions about the technical side of thing, that’s a huge red flag for me because it will potentially micro-manage the whole process. “NEXT”!

In any case, here’s a video I recorded talking about conversations with clients. I hope you enjoy it!
How To Be Everywhere...
In Depth Analysis Of My Social Media And Content Production Strategy
So one month has passed by since I hired my social media girl....

And I’m really happy with what we have going on.

I told you guys that I had this feeling that the content on my YouTube channel wasn’t being used nearly enough.

So, I embarked on this journey to make things more amazing.

I’ve recorded a quick video showing you the status of where we at right now, so you can implement the same for your business, if you so choose.

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination”
 - John C. Maxwell -
Making Video Great Again...
24 Top Tips For Creating Amazing
Marketing Videos
You guys know I love videos, right?

In fact, we’ve talked about videos for quite a while.

However, this article was written by Colin, one of our team members, and he’s put together an extensive guide on how to make your marketing videos better.

But, before we get to the tips, consider the following about video.

Did You Know?

 - By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic (Source: SmallBizTrends).

 - YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year (Source: Hubspot)

 - 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others (Source: RendrFx)

 - Video posts on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts (Source: Social Media Today)

 - Companies that use video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users (Source: SmallBizTrends)

 - 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days (Source: Hubspot)

 - According to over 500 Million people watch Facebook Videos each day.

 - Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% (Source: Unbounce)

 - Facebook videos have the lowest CPC (cost per click) rate of any social media advertising. According to a 2015 Kinetic Social report Facebook Video CPC was an average of .18. This has most likely gone up since then, but considering how few marketers take advantage of Facebook Video marketing.. There is still a massive opportunity to exploit. 

24 Top Level Tips To Make Your Videos Great!

Tell a Story
Tell a story using some elements of emotion and relate it to your product or service. You can go to this link to learn more about storytelling.

Make Sure The Introduction Stands Out
Just like a good subject line in an email, you'll need to capture your viewing audience within the first 3-5 seconds of your video.

Studies show 20% of viewers will click away from your video in the first 10 seconds.

Use inspiration, entertainment and be informative quickly.

Encourage the viewer to watch to the end. Use hooks like "By the time you're done watching this video, you'll see why xxxx".

Create A Stimulating Title
Your video title should also stand out and capture attention.

Make it eye-catching and relative to the pain point you are addressing.

Also try to use related traffic keywords that can show up on search engines.
Create An Emotional Attachment To Your Product
Instead of pushing your product and its benefits, create emotional situations that your product is or can be used in.

This will help you relate on the emotional level.

Remember many consumers are emotional buyers. It will also help your product be more memorable.

Don’t Be Boring - Try to Be Enthusiastic!
If your video puts a viewer to sleep not only will they click away, but they will forget you ever existed.

If they come across your ad again, they will be sure to skip right over it.

Think of ways to stand out and keep viewers watching.

For example, we’ve been upping our introduction game a lot more. Here’s an example:
Go PG-13?
Keep it safe for work, but borderlining your content could have a very positive affect.

Just be sure to do some research into your target audience before going too sexy.

And have in mind that content needs to be re-used in several platforms (YouTube is a bit more relaxed on this regard, but Facebook is quite the opposite).

Think Mobile
Mobile traffic is quickly outpacing desktop.

While most people do video creation on desktop they may overlook making sure your video is mobile friendly.

If your video takes too long to load mobile traffic will surely bounce.

Also, make sure you record your videos either vertically (portrait) or edit them to be square.

Think About SEO
It is widely believed that Google loves video content.

Why? Because good video content will engage a viewer easily and longer than text.

Be sure to include keywords and phrases in your titles, your description and yes… even your transcripts. 

You’ll be surprised what can happen just by paying attention to these small video seo tips.

Include Your Link or URL In Your Video
Never miss an opportunity to drive traffic to your target page or website.

Even if the viewer doesn’t click they are now aware that your website exists.

Guess what, John Mueller stated in a webmaster hangout that the Google crawler will attempt to crawl anything that remotely looks like a url.

While it’s not proven that Google can detect specific images within video, it can certainly detect speech.

Who knows what will happen in the future? Drop a link.

Educate Your Audience
A powerful way to get shares, likes and engagement is to offer good advice.

Offer tips, tricks and methods on how to do something, fix something, get something done better.

Select Emotion Evoking Music
Music can reach deep down at our emotional level.

While it may not be openly evident, your music could have a subtle or subliminal effect on your viewers.

This can help get your message across better or help in persuasion.

Use Video From Real Customers and Clients
One of the most powerful influencers are referrals, recommendations and reviews from past customers and clients.

Reach out and encourage people to send a testimonial about you, your service or product.

You can edit these into many different videos.

Here’s an example:
Don’t Forget The Call To Action
Be sure to let viewers know what action you would like them to take.

Display a button with “learn more”, “buy now”, “contact me”, etc.

Behind the Scenes Videos (BTS)
Going behind the scenes of your operations allows you to come across as a real person.

It gives a more intimate relationship with the viewer.

It also can bolster your relationships with existing clients.

Tutorial Videos
Tutorials are an excellent way to educate your target market.

It sets you up as the expert and earns you trust.

This is advice you are willing to give away for free or in exchange for contact information.

Tutorials can also have a great viral effect.

For example, one of my most viewed videos in my YouTube channel is my step by step Facebook Pixel Tutorial.
Short Messaging
When possible, create short but impactful videos.

People like to move around a lot on the internet, especially on social media.

So keep them entertained, but keep it short or you may end up losing them.

Tutorials are a different story.

Be Professional
For corporate or brand videos you may want to hire a voice over expert or practice speaking in front of a camera.

You always want to associate quality with your brand.

Coming across as an amateur doesn’t inspire confidence when asking for money, especially high ticket items.

Use Micro-Video Editors
If you are posting to social media you want to trim out as much fluff and dead space as possible.

Remember people feel like they don’t have time to sit still on social media platforms.

So optimize your video time.

Seconds count on social platforms.

Ask Questions
Asking questions in your video can encourage engagement.

Pose a scenario, ask a question, encourage a response.

Remember engagement is the best friend of organic reach.

Close Is Good Enough
If you’re still not satisfied after the 30th take, it’s probably time to say “this is close enough” and launch.

While striving for perfection is a great quality don’t let it get in the way or productivity.

Pay Attention To Quality.
I know I said that close is good enough, but put some effort into the different areas of your video production.

It is noticeable.

Like lighting, camera angles, voice, music, script and resolution.

While you don’t have to go full Hollywood, just a bit thought into each step will pay off.

Use Humor
Everyone loves to laugh.

Humor can break the ice, bring you closer to your customer and make you look more human.

If you make enough people laugh, your video will go viral (a.k.a Free marketing).

Use Videos With Your Landing Pages
Videos can help sell your product.

It could be a video testimonial or a nice video version of the text on your lander.

Maybe just a short thank you to visitors.

Statistics show that video can increase conversions. So embed that video and test it out.

Use Multiple Platforms
Instead of uploading to Youtube and sharing a link to Facebook or Twitter.

Upload variations of the same video to both Facebook and Youtube and anywhere else that is appropriate.

This will help with your organic reach on all platforms, not to mention the seo benefits.
The Best Of The Best
Top 5 Books To Take Your Business To The Next Level
Are you a bookworm? Or maybe an audiobook-worm (if that’s a thing)?

If you’re are, then you’re in good luck today!

Some people definitely read more than others. However, there’s something undeniable…

Some books will actually HELP you getting ahead in whatever you’re trying to do.

I’m a big fan of audiobooks and of my Kindle, so here are some recommendations of books I’ve read over the past year or two that have really changed my mind about business.

Ask - Ryan Levesque
If you want to create products that sell and have a better understanding of your audience, this book can change your life.

I mean it. In fact, long before reading this book, we were already using this method to create products and training courses on Semantic Mastery.

The bottom line of the book is that, if you don’t know what to talk about next, just ask your audience!

Surveys can be a powerful way of getting insights on the marketplace and what people want to spend money on next.

Every time I’ve personally used this method (or any survey method for that matter) and launched a course based on its feedback, I’ve succeeded.

Every time I’ve tried to launch a product or course because I thought it was cool… it bombed!

So if you can develop the discipline to ask before you develop, ask before you offer, ask before you even write a line of content… you’ll be a much more effective marketer.

I’ve created a small video review for this book, because I think it’s amazing. Here it is:
Get this book on Amazon.

Influence - Robert Cialdini
If you want to deeply understand how human beings work, and why we do what we do, this is a must read (or listen).

Influence goes through history and contemporary data to show you how we work as human beings.

Why is this so important?

Because many of the principles we apply as marketers are in this book!

Robert Cialdini goes through the main principles that rule all social activities, including Reciprocity, Social Proof, etc. 

For example, when you’re putting out good content out in the marketplace without charging for it, you’re creating lots of reciprocity and people eventually want to do business with you!

And that’s just one of the principles we can use in our advertising and marketing.

There are many more and I 100% recommend this book!

Get this book on Amazon.

Ogilvy On Advertising - David Ogilvy
One of the godfathers of modern advertising is David Ogilvy.

If you go through his book “Ogilvy on Advertising” you’ll understand some of the principles of why campaigns work and why they don’t.

And while the book also goes into the nitty gritty of how to run an advertising agency (you’ll get value out of this if you’re into that…)...

It also shows you what kind of advertising worked in the past and why it did so well.

On this book you have the perspective of a man with decades of experience in copywriting and advertising, and will tell you what you need to do to make your Facebook Ads more effective.

The same with Influence: While technology might change, the principles that rule human behavior don’t.

Get this book on Amazon.

Traction - Gino Wickman
This is a though one, and that makes it so amazing.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been dedicating our efforts in Semantic Mastery to implement this book, and the results have been nothing short of awesome.

This book will walk you through the problems that companies have and why they don’t gain traction in their marketplace. 

For the most part it has to do with the lack of focus and a ruling set of values and motives.

On Semantic Mastery, for example, we felt we were spinning our wheels because of the fact that we weren’t focusing enough.

If every new opportunity seems good, you’re not focusing enough.

However, when we started going through the Traction principles, everything changed!

Now we have a proven method to focus and get clients, and the growth we’re experiencing is ten times what it was in the past.

It’s a rough book though. It will make you work and think.

So if you’re not ready to do either of these, I’d suggest you pass.

But if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, give it a go!

Get this book on Amazon.

Blue Ocean Strategy - Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim
Last on this list is one of the best books in advertising and creativity I’ve read in a couple of years.

This was an eye opening for me, and it’s become so popular that the terms “Red Ocean” and “Blue Ocean” are out there in the marketplace.

You can see them in forums, groups, etc.

What makes this book so special?

It’s the fact that initially, we all start thinking on how to sell our products in red oceans, where competition is brave and the ocean is filled with blood.

However, this book gives you some perspective (and hard facts, and historical data), on how some companies created blue oceans for themselves and became super successful because of that.

A blue ocean is a way of positioning a business that is counter or different to anything you’ve seen before.

It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking (like discovering a new vaccine, or developing a new gadget or social network), but with some positioning and creativity you can discover a blue ocean for your company. 

And once you’re in a blue ocean, the growth you can experience is exponential.

No longer you need to be competing to eat among bigger fishes.

Give this one a read (or a listen) and I’m sure you’ll get those wheels turning and gears working!

Get this book on Amazon.
This Week In Marketing 📇🗞✅
August 17th, 2018
👉 Facebook now deletes posts that financially endanger/trick people
👉 Tinder’s business will double this year to more than $800 million
👉 Data Studio's new features help you tell more compelling stories
👉 Introducing New and Returning Professional Target Options
👉 Amazon Prime’s one-day delivery claim misled consumers, advertising body says
👉 Shopify Updates Their Products Policies
👉 Google Also Goes Transparent
Tracking At Its Best...
How To Finally Track Your Links So That You Know Exactly Where Your ROI Is Located?
If you’re working in the performance marketing industry (or considering doing so), you know tracking is everything. Tracking is what allows everyone to collect a check at the end of the day.
Performance Marketing is huge, encompassing billions of dollars spent each year, and it’s only growing bigger as time goes on. 
This incredible growth is powered by, in many ways, the advancements being made in tracking. Advertisers and publishers are better prepared now more than ever before to make smarter decisions with their media buying strategies, but that doesn’t happen without the insight provided by a tracking platform.
When it comes time to pick the best tracking platform (or reevaluate what you’re using now), you would be smart to look at ThriveTracker
Dubbed by many as “The Ultimate Campaign Management Solution for Affiliates”, this platform boasts an impressive combination of technology and service to make their case as your new best friend.
Speed is King in Performance Marketing
In today’s world, every technology provider is working hard to keep improving the speed of their products and solutions
The faster their performance, the happier the customer. This is no different!
A tracking platform is employed to help gather insight data on the people visiting a webpage. The purpose is for marketers to have as much information on each person as possible, so they can then design campaigns for the right people to meet the right offer.
When gathering that data, ThriveTracker works to do so faster than the other options in the market. Speeds for this are known to come in at under 5ms, putting us at the front of the pack when measuring outright performance.
After your ThriveTracker link gathers the data you’re looking for in the blink of an eye, the redirection occurs and your visitors go directly where you want them to go - a page that can make you money.
A Truly Universal Dashboard
Media buyers are constantly searching for the best deal on both sides of the business:
● Where can I get quality traffic at the lowest cost?
● Where can I find the best performing offers with the highest payouts?
These questions often result in media buyers who buy traffic from multiple sources - sometimes five, ten, twenty, or fifty-plus! 
All the same, media buyers will likely seek out offers from a wealth of reputable CPA networks to find the best deal for their uses.
ThriveTracker is where you balance out your operations and save your time. 
Buy connecting any given traffic source and affiliate network to a specific ThriveTracker campaign link, you’re now going to gather all the user insight data directly within ThriveTracker, making it easy to view all the necessary info in one place.
Time is critical when balancing hundreds of campaigns on a daily basis, and this is a platform that makes it easy to build, manage, and optimize at any scale. 
Don’t shy away from expanding your business because of time constraints anymore, not when you have tools like this at your disposal!
A List of Features to Love
Speed and convenience are great pieces of the puzzle, but tracking is a big puzzle. Luckily for all of you, the team behind ThriveTracker is churning out new features each week to stay ahead of the pack!
Here’s just a portion of our feature suite:
● 30-day FREE Trial
● Lightning-fast cloud infrastructure or self-hosted download as well
● Smooth and modern UI
● Infinite Scalability (no, really - they dare you to track billions of clicks!)
● Landing Page Pixel for fastest connections
● Unlimited campaign creation
● Built-in Redirection Rules and Bot Filter
● Multi-User Access w/sub-user roles
● Multi-Level Drill Down Reporting
● Day and Week-Parting
● 15 standard data points pre-set
● 12 custom data points available
● Over 70 traffic sources pre-loaded for use
● Split-test any combination of landing pages and offers
● Support for RevShare campaigns
● MFA for added account security
● Offer-Capping for daily, weekly, and monthly totals
● Bulk Insertion and Editing
● Manual Cost Update
● Upsell tracking w/90-day attribution
● Full reporting API
● Access to raw click data on demand
● Complete funnel support, including multi-step landers
● Support for various currencies
Above all else, we care for the success of our customers, providing users with access to all the necessities of the best tracking platform on the market.
Learn How to Use It, Step-By-Step
Looking at that list of features, a newbie could get intimidated quickly. Thankfully, we’re ahead of the curve, having thought about that as well. You don’t need to be a pro to start with ThriveTracker - we’re happy to show you the ropes and do it one day at a time with you.
This is really important, even to the most seasoned performance marketers, as starting with any new platform will involve a learning curve of some kind. Starting from day 1 and lasting for 30 days, you’ll receive a daily email showcasing another piece of this impressive software.
Working with the best tracking platform for media buyers means you’ll have lots to love and rave about, but let us help you get started so that you can find your success and sustain it faster and easier!
The Best Tracking Platform to Protect Your Campaigns
When you connect the dots, you realize your tracking platform is at the heart of your business operations. This is a huge responsibility, and ThriveTracker’s team is looking at it with tremendous respect.
In addition to offering tons of great features for enabling ease of use, we also looked at what is involved in protecting the campaigns you’ve spent so much time building, managing, and optimizing. In short, we’ve developed methods for keeping those campaigns safe.
Built directly into your platform, you’ll find a wealth of redirection rules to keep out the audiences you don’t want. Additionally, you’ll find a built-in Bot Filter, so there’s no need for any 3rd party applications to be used here!
So How Quickly Can You Start with ThriveTracker?
Today. Right now. Self-Hosted (from $99/mo) or Cloud-Hosted (from $79/mo) are both available to you!
We’ve got plenty of options regarding plan sizes and costs, so take your pick and sign up. The signup process is easy (3 steps) and allows you to get up and running within 24 hours.
If you choose to self-host, we have a downloadable package that will provide you with everything you need for launching. If you choose to use the cloud, our staff will be setting it all up for you. ThriveTracker only uses custom, user-owned domains for redirection links, keeping your domain value in your control.
You can use ThriveTracker for 30 days at no charge to you or your bank account, allowing you to get started without forfeiting your own money. Tough to beat a no-cost start!
The competition in this industry has something to say about why they are a better fit, but there’s no denying what ThriveTracker has worked so hard to put forth. This is the best tracking platform available today and the future is bright for those who decide to #thriveon with us!

Stephen Ierardi -

Stephen got his first start in digital marketing in 2014 when he joined an agency focused on web design and SEO. He's spent the last 18 months making ThriveTracker the most valuable asset for media buyers across the globe. Besides serving as Thrive's Platform Overlord, Stephen is a forum moderator for AffiliateFix and works on providing quality education to the next generation of performance marketing professionals. When he's not at the office, you can find him tallying up trillion dollar profits in Monopoly Money while sipping on a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri.
Hosting Is Really Boring But It Can Destroy Your Business
By Terry Kyle, Web entrepreneur since 1998
Electricity is boring.
Sewerage is boring.
And running water is boring.
At least they’re boring until you don’t have them and then they suddenly seem pretty sexy and important.
Web hosting is like that.
It’s a fundamental, foundational thing for your online business and should be largely unnoticed if it’s working well and efficiently.
It’s clearly a boring, unsexy topic and it’s not exactly exploding virally across the Web, is it?

But in my experience from online business dating back to the late 1990s, not paying attention to the quality of your hosting can cause very big trouble for your online business.

Let me give you a couple of specific examples from my own online business journey and contextualize why this motivated me to do something fairly drastic about it.

When we first come into Internet Marketing or SEO, there’s an awful lot to learn about operating an online business – too much in fact.
For that reason, when we’re online newbies and we realize that we need hosting, we look around, find some hosts and naturally think something like, ‘cheap is best’ or ‘wow, bluehost/hostgator’ is so cheap!’
I did it.
You probably did it.
Too many people do it.
And those types of companies take massive advantage of that fact for their business model to succeed.
But as you may have discovered already, there are big big problems with those types of (seemingly) cheap hosting companies, at least that’s what I have found from my direct experience of using them in the past, over many years.
Problems like:
- Support that is extremely slow to respond (many times I have waited on chat for 30+ minutes for each response in the same conversation!) 
- Support staff that don’t have much technical knowledge to troubleshoot successfully
- Instead of stepping in to directly help, support staff that will only send you links to knowledgebase articles that are quite technical, long and not very helpful (I don’t know about you but I’m a creator, not a technician)
- Sites that go offline mid-product launch because the bandwidth was exceeded even though the hosting plan was supposed to offer “unlimited/unmetered bandwidth” (I have lost a crazy amount of money from that issue alone on launches)
- Sites that load very slowly when much traffic arrives at once e.g. after an email broadcast, even though it seemed to load OK for you when there was only one person on your site: you!
And even if site speed isn’t a significant ranking factor with Google, what kind of experience do you want visitors to your site/s to have?
If you’re familiar with some or all of what I’m talking about, you will know that all of the above basically results in a lot of your time/money wasted away from your real business, a lot of frustration and a semi-crippled online business.
The simple fact is that cheap Hostgator/Bluehost type hosting is only financially viable if those companies massively overload low spec, ancient servers with hosting accounts.
And then upsell you to death with useless junk.
And then offer sub-standard support with extremely cheap staff who don’t know a lot and are hugely overloaded with work.
Excuse the cliché but it really is a case of only getting what you’re paying for.
There is a very good reason why Porsches and Jaguars are much nicer to drive than Dacias or Chryslers.
So let’s fast forward to early 2013 and I’d had enough of the hosting industry and it’s arrogant, broken old, massively customer-unfocused way of doing things – see above.
Therefore, I did something stupid/brilliant!
I created my own hosting company: Traffic Planet Hosting (changed to WPX Hosting in October 2016 for better branding).
WordPress hosting to be specific.
But I wanted my hosting company to be as different as humanly possible to the broken old dinosaurs of the hosting industry and hopefully offer a huge step forward from the status quo.
Even though the normal practices at WPX Hosting I am about to talk about seem like common sense now and why wouldn’t you do it this way, many/most hosting companies still do things the old-fashioned way mentioned above.
In short, where WPX Hosting philosophically differs from the industry is that we don’t even see ourselves as primarily a hosting or even technology company.
Instead, we see ourselves as being in the Great Customer Experience business. Hosting/technology is just the (very important) platform on which we (hopefully) deliver great customer experiences on a consistent basis.
I’m sure for companies like Qatar Airways or Emirates, they too see themselves as being in the customer experience business, unlike, say British Airways, who probably see themselves as being in the transport business.
It’s a crucial difference in the DNA of the business and the resulting experience for customers.
For us, be it technology changes, hiring or new features etc, we always ask:
Does this improve the customer experience or not?
And when something screws up or fails on the customer experience level (it can happen), we always try to permanently fix that moving forward.
So my goals with WPX Hosting were and are:
- To always have knowledgeable support staff available 24/7/365 to hosting customers
- To always have those same support staff responding in seconds to customer issues (Live Chat Inc has independently verified that we have averaged 25 seconds response time every month for the past 12 months+):
- To always have those knowledgeable support staff offer to fix technical issues for our customers, fast and free – it’s called our ‘Fixed For You’ guarantee, rather than just sending links to articles and expecting customers to fix their serious problems on their own:
To my knowledge, no other hosting company does that, and it’s why our long-term customers feel like this about us:
Is this how you feel about your current hosting service?
- To always move customers’ websites from their old broken hosting service to WPX for free within 24 hours, regardless of how many sites or how big the sites are.
- To always be at the forefront of site loading speed with default features like deliberately underloaded, new, high-spec SSD servers (that we own, not rented), PHP 7.X, http2 and unlimited free SSLs, in addition to,
- Offering unparalleled levels of security against DDOS attacks (we use the highest level of Incapsula protection) and malware (we have a full-time team monitoring and removing malware constantly, at no charge to the customer)
In terms of a work-in-progress, WPX Hosting is still some way from where I want it to be but we do get a lot of things right for our customers and we’re working hard on the things we don’t.
Simply because the world doesn’t need any more mediocre companies.
However, if you’re happy with your current hosting service, you really should stay with them.
If not, then you can try out WPX Hosting for 30 days for just 30 cents using the promo code: 30FOR30

Terry Kyle -

Terry Kyle is an Australian Web entrepreneur who lives in Sofia, Bulgaria with his wife, 2 dogs and (soon to be) 4 cats. With a background in copywriting for clients including McDonald’s, Pepsi, IBM, Panasonic and McDonald’s, Terry is probably best known as a co-founder of Backlinks Forum, creator of Homepage Backlinks and co-founding CEO of WPX Hosting. Terry’s time is currently split between running WPX Hosting and helping hundreds of homeless dogs in his adopted country.