ISSUE #1 - February 23rd, 2018
Learn How To Create
Zigging When Everyone Is Zagging
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Learn How to Create
Facebook Ads On A Budget!
Everyone thinks that you need to spend a lot of money when it comes to running ads on Facebook. That is simply not true. Granted, like any other platform, the more money you invest (and as long as you have a strong funnel), the more results you will have.
You might see all of these “gurus” running with $10k/day type of budgets. And that’s 100% fine (again, as long as your funnel lives up to it), but this might make you feel like you’re “not worthy” of your limited budget.
A $10k/day or more ad spend is not an event. It’s a process. You slowly scale up to that amount, and you make sure everything is still ticking by the time you get to that amount. Otherwise, you’re gambling. And I don’t want to think you’re a gambler, are you?
Anyways, I’ll be sharing with you three simple techniques that you can apply today to get results with Facebook ads, even when you have a low budget in place. Let’s check them out:
#1 - Video Engagement and Video Views
If you’re not leveraging the power of video views on Facebook, you’re missing out. Facebook is now competing with YouTube for the sheer amount of video views they have, and there’s a big chance you can take advantage of this.
Further, after testing with both networks for a long time, Facebook video views always come on top, regarding engagement and regarding cost per view! You can get people watching your video for less than a penny per 3-second view.
If you want to put this into overdrive, you can boost your LIVE videos through Video Views campaigns. Live videos and live streams have a lot more reach than videos uploaded to Facebook. So try to go live on your page with some great content and then boost THAT live video (you’ll get a lot of mileage out of it).
#2 - Engagement
The second really “cheap” option is to run engagement audiences. Just like video views, they are usually really inexpensive, and you can build a really big audience FAST for a low amount of money.
What you’d do in this case is to post a cool piece of content on your page (it can be a post, an image, a GIF, or even the video you created before) and you’d run an engagement ad to this post.
It’s really important that your targeting is on point, because of your intent to use these engagers at a later stage (#3). If you create a low-quality list targeting low-quality prospects, then the results for the next step will not be optimal. 
I like targeting people that could potentially buy my products or services and let them engage with my posts, so then I can target them with retargeting. Which takes me to #3.
#3 - Retargeting
I’m still amazed at how many marketers and entrepreneurs are not consistently using retargeting to increase their sales. The logic behind this is simple: when you have a new visitor to your website or your funnel, you are paying for it. Whether you know it or not, you’re paying for it.
The most expensive visitor is the FIRST visitor. So once you’ve gone through the hard work of getting people into your funnel, it’s now time to retarget them with an offer, a PDF, etc.
However, the main point of this strategy is to grab your video viewers and engagers and to turn them into custom audiences so that you can serve ads to them. This is simply done by going to your Custom Audiences section on your Facebook ads manager, and then choosing to create audiences based on Page Engagers and Video Viewers.
By now, you’ve built your audience for cheap, and you can start serving ads to them. And the good news is that you won’t be competing with everyone else for that audience since it’s yours alone.
Pretty cool, huh? Here’s a video with some extra tips for ya:

Zigging When Everyone Is Zagging
Instagram Story Ads
You’ve probably gone through this already: You’re looking through your stories, doing the usual stalki… I mean, social thing… and BAM, an ad pops up on your screen. It can be a video or an image, but it’s an ad nonetheless.
As a wise person you are, you’re probably wondering how to run them so that you can too get those results. On this article, I’ll show you how to put them to work for you, and what kind of results you can expect.
With Facebook coming down hard on the Timeline (more on that later), we need to adapt and evolve. And use the rest of the inventory that Facebook puts to our disposal (this is not a small inventory, should I add).
One placement is the Instagram Stories, which is not being used nearly enough (in my opinion) and for me has had great results.
In this placement, you can have either images or videos. In any case, they need to be at a 9:16 aspect ratio (900 px x 1600 px). Videos cannot be longer than 15 seconds and images… well… are just images :)
I also like keeping things simple. For example, I’d retarget my Instagram followers and engagers with a PDF (like my popular Facebook ads cheat sheet for example).
In my experience, these type of ads works best when you have something for free to offer. I’ve also used them to give away free copies of books (free + shipping or plain PDFs), and to invite people to webinars. 
If you’re going to cold traffic though, I must advise that you pay close attention to your targeting. Instagram demographic in general is younger, so you need to be appealing to this type of demographic with your products and services.
For example, if you’re selling B2B consulting for the oil industry, maybe this placement is not for you.
But if you have an Instagram growth webinar that you want to fill, or if you’re a relationship coach and you’re giving away something for free, I’d strongly suggest you give this placement a go.
A word about videos: They need to be SHORT and PUNCHY
And by SHORT I mean… really SHORT. You only have 15 seconds in here, so lead with the benefits of getting your stuff, and make a good impression on the viewer.
And here's the cool thing, you don't have to worry about comments to moderate in these type of ads (wohooo!).
Go ahead and give it a go, and let me know what you think of the Facebook group!
“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” 
 - David Ogilvy -
The Sky Is Falling!
#Facebook-Zero - What Is It And How To Overcome It
For all of you guys that have been living under a rock, here’s what Mark Zuckerberg announced regarding the amount of advertising on the timelines and whatnot. Shortly after that, Adam Mosseri, head of News Feeds, announced they are tweaking the timeline to get people “closer together”.
Basically, they are saying that they are going to decimate the already low organic reach for Facebook pages, turning Facebook into a full-on pay-to-play space. And I personally think this is great. I’ll tell you why in a minute, but first let’s see what this means for Facebook pages and advertisers.
Basically, by becoming a full-on pay-to-play space and platform, if you were relying on any organic reach to grow your business, this will come to an end soon. So you’ll need to get better at advertising.
On the other hand, if you are already advertising and having a positive ROI with your campaigns, you might need to tweak your ads slightly (more on that in a minute), but you *should* be good to go.
I think this is great news because it will prevent rookies and wannabes to inflate the cost of advertising and CPM by doing stuff they don’t know how to do.
With that said, there are a couple of considerations to have in mind. At the beginning of this issue, I talked about the importance of engagement to build strong audiences fast. This will become increasingly important.
You see, Facebook is going to be priming engagement before anything else. That basically means that if you create highly engaging posts, boost them and then retarget those engagers; you will still be able to advertise.
Even if you have a really cool lead magnet that people comments on, you should be fine.
With that said, I think that depending too heavily on just ONE source of traffic is not the best thing to do, especially if you’re running a business.
I used to had these same issues when I ran my SEO agency. Some clients would depend so heavily on Google to get sales and customers than they would cry when a new algorithm update was announced.
To have a healthy business (and don’t let other companies dictate what you should or shouldn’t be doing), you should have several sources of traffic for acquiring leads, and clients. Try Google Adwords, Solo Ads, Banners, Billboards, you name it, but don’t depend on a single company to give you business.
Here’s also a quick video I made on my page explaining four steps to overcome the Facebook Zero armageddon:
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