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 Targeting Setup and Detailed Instructions
 The Best Ad Sets and Ad Creatives That Grab Clicks!
 Faster and rapid deploy to launch better campaigns without so much work
 Tracking, testing and scaling
 How to set up new ad accounts for success and better rankings
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 Getting results for agencies, clients and info-products.
 Getting video views, reach and engagement.
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From: The Desk of Hernan Vazquez
Boca Raton, FL and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Do you know that your bigger success is just around the corner?

Are you looking for that last insight or key to help you unlock your potential as a digital marketer?

You're SO close to helping more clients... but you just need the right guide down the right path...
That's exactly why I created the Guidebook - I wanted you to have the guidebook that I WISH I had when I started.

From campaign setup, to ad set targeting, to images and everything in betwen...

It's all right there laid out so that you have a PROCESS that you can follow.

And not only that - but you GET RESULTS.
  • The Guidebook will help you get real world results based on our years of testing and use of these exact same methods.
  • The Guidebook will save you time and money by showing you the correct path to take in your digital marketing journey.
  • The Guidebook lets you leapfrog past other marketers who don't have a reliable method for getting results and who don't understand the power of process and real world results.
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Andres Ocampo
Founder of ENTRPRNR Apparel Brand
Patrik Doboš
Digital Entrepreneur and Marketer
Luke Dunlea
Digital Entrepreneur
"Working with Hernan has been a great experience, and proven to give a great ROI with many of my online companies. I recommend learning and working with him in any which way you can. "
Pejman Ghadimi
Serial Entrepreneur and Author
Alysen Rose
Fitness and Franklin Method Educator
"It’s been a great experience working with Hernan! He walked me through and explained complicated things in a really easy to understand way. He has extensive knowledge in how to get results and a passion for it. Furthermore, he’s a genuine person who cares about his clients and is committed to seeing them succeed and grow in their business. He is one of THE best out there for what he does I have no doubt. I’m so thankful I found him!"
"Hernan Vazquez is unquestionably one of the "good guys" in the internet marketing world. And he's just written a short but oh-so useful guide...
Personally, it helped me to re-examine my own approach to my marketing strategy and has unquestionably saved me money and frustration... thanks Hernan!"
Simon Price
Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur
Erik Ramos
Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur
"I just finished your book! I'm excited to start implementing what I've learned from it!
You really summed it all up on how to be successful in any business, and you kept it simple! The book is not very long, but it packed with solid information and keys to success!"
"I can see now how it shoul've been done since the get-go. 
I love your book, it provides so much value for just a small price and it helped me understand how to turn new customers into fervent fans. I had so much fun reading it!"
Marco Bello
Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur
Maurice Nguyen
Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur
"I don't post much but there's one true thing here: Hernan knows his stuff when it comes to creating a funnel and do the things that can make you convert more, may it be an online business or a local service based one...
This strategy put me back in the right track where my company was losing focus..."
As You Can See...
The Guidebook Has Already Helped Countless People...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
This Facebook Ads Guidebook has been put together from years of experience in the digital marketing world.
From sales funnels on information product niches, to local contractors and businesses, affiliate and lead generation systems, coaches and consultants, and so much more... this easy to follow Guidebook condenses my blood, sweat, and tears into a systematic recipe for success.
You just need to follow its instructions to finally understand how SIMPLE it is to make Facebook Ads work for your business!

There Is NO CATCH!
I want you to have access to the best digital marketing information available and we know that we provide it.

By investing the amount of a couple of cups of coffee, you're choosing to join the groups of many others that have found that Hernan Vazquez consistently offers more value than nearly anyone else online.
  • It's my way of giving back - we want to share what I've learned with as many people as possible and help entrepreneurs and business owners get to the next level.
  • I actually run businesses in addition to my personal brand and have the unique ability to share the insights from these with you.
  • When you buy the Guidebook you get an amazing resource and we get to bring you into the Inner Circle where we KNOW you'll continue to get more kick-ass resources and information
Time Is Of The Essence...
We're not sure how long we'll make the Guidebook available for public sale...
Here Is My
"Whatever It Takes"
We promise that you're going to get so much value out of the Guidebook that you won't need or want to refund it.

HOWEVER, should you follow the steps laid out and still feel that you aren't 100% satisfied with the results, we will refund your Facebook Ads Guidebook purchase and you can keep the Guidebook, for Free!

Sounds pretty good, right?
Hernan Vazquez - Digital Entrepreneur
Consultant. Trainer. Author.
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Guidebook Now...
Thank you for reading this letter and enjoy the Guidebook!


Hernan Vazquez
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If you implement the Facebook Ads Guidebook and follow the steps and aren't satisfied we'll refund your Guidebook order and let you keep your copy!
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Over the past 10 years, Hernan has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to get more sales, more visitors and more clients by using the power of paid advertising and sales funnels. Today he consults with 7 and 8 figure companies, gives lectures and help companies reach more potential clients online.
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